Ann Arbor Running Company has a variety of resources for endurance athletes looking for personalized coaching. Run Ann Arbor, Parker Performance Training, and Kaylin Russeau Fitness specialize in helping runners, triathletes, and cyclists reach their true potential as athletes. To find out more about personalized coaching and rates CLICK HERE.

nick stanko

Nicholas Stanko – Nicholas works with all levels of runners and cyclists. Endurance training isn’t rocket science but figuring out how to put all the pieces together to set yourself up for a great race can sometimes look like rocket science. No two athletes are the same and Nicholas enjoys helping endurance athletes keep a balance in their training so they can reach their full potential. Yes you have to work hard, but you also have to work smart!


Kaylin Russeau – Kaylin works with runners ranging from the beginner to the elite athlete. Not only does she create an individual training plan for your A race but she focuses on creating personalized prehab, mobility and strength routines that compliment your training phases so you can excel at what you love. Strong runners are healthy runners!


Michael Parker – Michael works with triathletes, runners and cyclist of all levels.

Run Ann Arbor

Coach Gina – Run Ann Arbor’s Coach Gina has been running for over 40 years and has been providing group runs for the Ann Arbor community since 1998. She knows what is important for a long run to be successful and Coach Gina wants to provide that for other runners – water stations, a variety of marked courses, a group of runners who can run with other “like paced” runners, camaraderie, and best of all – a whole lot of fun. Learn more about Run Ann Arbor at